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Hollywood [11 Apr 2006|10:32am]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok, so this past weekend was A-MA-zing! Never have I had so much fun with my Lauren and Bethany as I had the past couple of days. Gah, it was just so much fun. I finally got to meet Dane and Jared, who are too cute by the way. I don't really know how to describe them, but I can try. Jared is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. And I dont mean that in a condescending way... not like "aw he's jus' so cute and widdle".. no, the boy is fine, no lies. I mean cute in that he's just so loveable. He's kinda quiet but not shy, and he has the best facial expressions I have ever seen. The kid is a 10, a sassy ass 10. And then there's Dane, another fine specimen of a man with a butt that is outta control! He's got more of an open-arms approach to friendship than Jared... he's a cuddler. He's one of those instant friends, ya know to where you walk in the room and you're like "oh yeah, i'm gonna like this kid." He's totally a good time.

That doesn't really cover them completely cause I only got to know them for 2 days... 2 days of drunken play so this is a very limited perspective on them. But the point is that I like them.

I got to see Joshua as well. Everything went great. There was no fighting, no tension, just good times.

I need to uodate later when I can write down everything I can remember before it starts to slip away, but for now I dont have the time. I will come back to this!

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um ok, so i am super happy right now! [29 Mar 2006|05:03pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Everything is so freakin fantastic right now that I cant even contain myself!

First off... I have great friends who effing rock my world! I mean, I have great friends from high school who still love me and who i still love. I mean not many people have that, ya know? And these are no run of the mill everyday kids, these are amazing individuals who I am positive that I could not live without. They just make my life better... that's right I'm talkin about y'all. And then, I have great friends here who are so caring and fun. My roommates totally rock and not to mention the other quad. I mean, I am so blessed. Then our circle keeps expanding and bringing in new kids that are so totally awesome. I know I'm being icky and sentimental, but for some reason I was just thinkin a lot about that today.

Then... I just registered for my senior year of college!!!!! Holy hell, where did the time go?! I picked all good classes with good teachers. I just know that I'm gonna be lovin my classes next year, so that's another great thing.

Then... we did room selection and we got into Beeson!!!! I was so worried that we wouldn't and that we would have to live across campus from everybody, but my some degree of magic we got in! And to top it all off, the other quad will be right across the hall. AND Ryan and Stephen will be right underneath us! Gah, we are not gonna get anything done next year and it will be fanfreakingtastic!

And last but for damn sure not the least... I GET TO SEE LAUREN AND BETHANY IN 8 DAYS!!!!!! I am so excited! It's gonna get crazy girls... i mean crazy.

ok, i know that was a lot of weird happiness for one post but i had to do it...

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i just wanna wake up [10 Mar 2006|12:58pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Ok, so I'm back from Atlanta... well technically I've been back for about a week now. The trip was totally fun, I don't think I stopped laughing the entire time. We had a really great group. One of the guys adopted me as his sister... he's an only child and therefore never had a sister so he decided that I should be his first. Him and I had too much fun... mixed with a little bit of pain. Being an only child I fear that he never really mastered backseat etiquette. So from Atlanta to Lenoir City (a 2 hour drive) he poked me, tickled me, bit me, and tackled me(yes apparently tackling is possible in a van). I have bruises to prove all of this. It was intense, but such a good time.

This week has gone really well actually. The weather is starting to get warm again... today it's 72 degrees with amazing clear blue skies. I started showing my toes again today... for those of you in Texas you may not understand but this is a big deal. I think the weather really has improved my mood.I feel happier lately, lighter than usual. Don't get me wrong, I am a happy person but winter wears on you after a while, ya know? But my new spring disposition is working out well for me. I am getting my work done and doing well in school. For now, everything is smooth sailing for me.

I just finished a group interview last night for MC Peer Mentors. Peer Mentors are assigned to a freshman orientation group every fall and you do all the orientation activities with them and stuff, and it's a lot of fun. We do individual interviews at first and then we have a huge group interview with everybody. At the group interview, they break us up into small groups and give us random items like a bagel, a golf ball, balloons, a piece of wood, and a sheet. With these items, we have to come up with a game. My group had a great game that we called "How good are YOU under the sheet?" where all the items were placed on top of the sheet like an obstacle course and one person had to crawl under the sheet from one end to another without letting anything fall off. Ok, it sounds kinda lame now, but we totally had the best game there. Everybody else had lame-o relay races... so unoriginal. Anyway, they wanted to see how well we work with others and stuff. Then they told us to go home while they decided who made it. Only half of those who interviewed got it... and I was one of them!!!! I am so jazzed about it too! I wanted it so bad! I just know that it's gonna be fun. Allison did it this year and she loved it.

Speaking of Allison, you are not gonna believe what happened to her. She had an effing STROKE! She woke up at Zak's with a slight headache and her left side was asleep... or so she thought cause it never woke up. Her left arm and her left leg are heavier than her right side now. She can still move, but it just feels like they have weights on them. She walks with a slight limp, but it did not affect her face (thank God, she has such a beautiful face). And nobody knows why! She went to the neurologist today, but I have not heard from her yet about what he said........ Gah, she had a stroke! at 20! what the eff, my friends get old people diseases. Emily had cancer, Allison had a stroke... but they survived both of them, which is amazing to me. I mean, people spend most of their old age afraid of one of these two things, they just got them out of the way early I guess. I will keep y'all posted on both of their progress... it's crazy I tell you!

Well, I think this post has been long enough and I should go. I hope everybody is well and happy!

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A-T-L [28 Feb 2006|06:54pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well ladies and gents... I am off

I am heading to Atlanta for the next four days to attend a conference for Student Programming Board... but it's not gonna all be business I can tell you that. I am one of two girls going with 4 boys. One of the guys is named Ryan and he is one of the most obnoxious yet highlarious kids that I know. He gives me a hard time, but we're big buddies. Lukas is another one that gives me a hard time. He's from Germany... that means something, but I dont know how to describe it. He's just too funny. The other two guys are exchange students too, one is from Israel and the other is from Rwanda. They are all really neat kids and I know this week is gonna be CRAZY DELICIOUS!

I think we're gonna go to the Cheesecake factory and take a tour of the Coke museum and Turner Field... ya know get some of the touristy stuff in. We will probably hit the night-life scene too... well those of us who are 21, which is everybody except Brandis who is a freshmen (sad day). She will be left behind... what?, I dont feel bad...Hotlanta baby!

It's gonna get dirty

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LIVEJOURNAL REVIVAL!!! [24 Feb 2006|09:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I AM UPDATING... this one's for you lauren

So umm I havent updated in approximately 3 months, so i have no idea what this update may include
But I must update cause I am tired of not knowing what is going on in the lives of my dearest friends and them not knowing what is going on in mine
i am making a resolution to update at least once a week!

So where should I start?

I guess I'll just tell y'all how my semester is goin so far...
I am takin 16 hours this semester:
Contemporay Theology
World Civilizations
Sociology of Marriage and Family
Aquatic Fitness

I'm constantly busy with school work and THESIS. I am reading so much for thesis on top of my class work that it is threatening to kill me, but I deal. And I have learned how to balance school with social life finally, so my life is looking up!

I am sincerely enjoying my friends so much right now. My roommates are fantastic... Allison and Zak are still together, Melissa is looking into musical theater as a career and is loving it! i really think she has found her calling, Emily is back in town even though she cant leave her house till summer. Hopefully she will be better in time to go to Charleston to see Danny and Dan on their tour in May... gah, it's gonna be awesome!

I have no boys in my life right now.I have prospectives... but they are still in the preliminary stages of crushdom so I dont wanna jinx it ;)

I am just letting things happen as they happen right now. I am not pushing one thing or the other, just letting my feet find the path in the dark I guess. Things are workin out good so far.

Now all I need to know is how all my friends are doing and my life will be complete... i miss everybody so much. Hopefully I will be seeing Bethany Gayle on April 7 at Wabash... it's two days after her 21st b-day and Pat Green weekend so things are gonna get crazy! I am so totally jazzed! When will I see Liz and Lauren again... nobody knows, but I hope it's soon...

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k, so it's been an eternity since I last upated [26 Oct 2005|10:40pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

always good to re-enter the livejournal world with a good old fashioned quiz... so here it is

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are optimistic and happy.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you don't need. You just feel like flirting around and playing right now.

It could be true, why not?

Anyway, things are good here. The whole Scottie thing is weird beyond belief but whatever. I hate being the bad guy but I hope sometime in the future I will be looked back on as the good guy who did the right thing (please let that be the case). Most of my thoughts are devoted to Homecoming activities, being that it is this weekend. I'm so excited. We've got such great freebies and the t-shirts came out so good and powderpuff is going to rock panties. I love this stuff. Sometimes I think I should be an event planner... maybe even like a wedding planner. I would love that so much, but probably only for a while. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll be planning events like fashion shows or fancy soirees. That would be awesome.
But i digress...

I haven't heard from any of my friends in a long while. Bethany is soooo very overseas and I don't want to interrupt her totally being there, but I miss her and I wish I could talk to her. I don't even think she knows that me and Scottie broke up like a month and a half ago. Man, we need to talk more. I should write her or send her something. Me and Liz don't get to talk much either. Growing up sucks. Emily and I don't get to talk as often anymore either since she's gotten so sick the past week. Hopefully that will pass soon. I miss talking to her a lot.

Anyway, like I said things are good here. I hope everybody else can say the same. I miss everybody... even the ones I see everyday.

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is there really destiny? [18 Aug 2005|11:10pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Your Birthdate: November 28

Your birth on the 28th day of the month (1 energy) adds a tone of independence and extra energy to your Life Path.

The number 1 energy suggest more executive ability and leadership qualities than you path may have indicated.

A birthday on the 28th of any month gives greater will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach.

Unlike much of the other 1 energy, this birthday is one that endow with the ability to start a job and continue on until it is finished.

You may prefer to use the broad brush, but you can handle details as well.

You are sensitive, but your feeling stay somewhat repressed.

You have a compelling manner that can be dominating in many situations.

Anyway, Just letting everybody know that I am officially back in TN and just waiting for school to start. Little nervous about this year considering how different everything is going to be. I mean for one I will be roommateless!Gah, I am going to miss her. I mean I know she says she's gonna come and visit but I know that she won't get to be there often and then with the bone marrow transplant and all she may not even be in the state! There will be no more long late night talks about ridiculous nonsense that only we really care about, or random dance breaks, or just the comfort of knowing she's there if I need to talk to her about some "ridiculous nonsense that only we really care about" or that she humors me by listening to. I truly enjoy living with her and it kills me that she has to go through all this bullshit. She is so healthy otherwise, ya know? I think that's why it's so hard for me to let it all sink in. It's serious and I am extremely worried and saddened but I don't want to let her know. I want to be happy and optimistic for her because I know that's what she needs. But man, does it kill me.

Enough of the drama... I hope that's the last you hear from me.

Anyway, school is about to hit me like a brick wall and I hope that this year I will be more prepared for it and handle it with grace and poise. I may need some help... and some yoga. But I have faith that this year will be different because I will make it so!

Love, peace, and chicken grease to all. I'm out...

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I don't even know if this is gonna work but... [14 Aug 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Okay, so I think I am the only one who has not posted any pictures this summer so I am going to catch you up. Many people have not seen pics of my family for a very long time so that is what this post will be... but do not get disappointed they are some of the cutest most darling pictures ever and evfery person in them is very dear to my heart. So if you have the time, take the time...

Here we go...Collapse )

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If I could tell the world just one thing it would be... you're all ok [26 Jul 2005|02:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Good'ole Jewel... what happened to the girl I used to know

Well, I survived and it wasn't too bad... I mean minus the losing one day of my life due to drugs that induce death-like sleep, a liquid diet, and the mindless ramblings of a drugged up young girl. So yeah, minus that...But like I said, I survived and I am now back at work. Gotta make that paper ya know.

In other news, my mom and younger sibs are in town for a while. Mom took Lillie to get her ears pierced yesterday and they look really cute. She likes 'em a lot she goes around showing everybody her "mirrings". She is too cute y'all, everybody who has not seen her since her infancy is missing out on something amazing! I could go on about that one forever, but I won't. When I get a new camera I will have to post some pictures for y'all to see. Anyway, in other news It's my momma's b-day today and I made her a fruit salad with whipped cream on top for her birthday cake cause she is on this crazy diet and wouldn't eat cake. She's lost 10 lbs already... I hate her for that.

Anyway, what else is new? Oh Scottie is probably leaving for the rest of the summer for work! It's a good opportunity for him but I'm gonna miss him. But who knows how long that feeling will last.

This is a terrible post. I hope everybody is enjoying their summers (what a weird sounding sentence). I wish I could photoshop myself into the fun pictures from tejas. Maybe I'll get to come out there again sometime. Everybody have a greatrest of the summer and stay safe!!!

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My last testament [21 Jul 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Tomorrow I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. They will be putting me under with IV sedation (I have never had an IV in my life, by the way), and three of my wisdowm teeth will be chiseled out of my mouth. I just wanted to tell everybody how much I loved them before I went under. I have never had any anesthesia (sp?) of any kind so you never know if I could have some kind of bad reaction. So just in case, this is what I would like in case I don't wake up...

Danny is to write my obituary... he will make my life sound cool
Emily is to write my real write-up for the paper
Bethany and Lauren are to sing... though I know it will be difficult through the tears that you will shed
Liz is to be in charge of the guestbook ( yes there will be a guestbook for my parents sakes) because I know she knows the SATC reference and can fully appreciate it, plus she can keep it together... she is so solid ;)
Melissa is to give my eulogy because she will tell it like it is and make people laugh
Allison is to do what she does best and give good hugs and be consoling (can't do without em)
I will need pall-bearers as well... my brother will be one, Scottie, Thomas, and Pete if he can come and if not then I only want three.

Take care of my kids for me. Tell Lillie and Ried that I love them and that I'm sorry that I didn't get to see them grow up. Tell Ryan to chin up and that I always knew he could handle being the oldest if he wanted to be.

This is getting too serious, it was supposed to be funny and silly. Y'all better laugh if I actually die!

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We are gaining speed... I can barely breathe [16 Jul 2005|08:37am]
[ mood | amused ]

I had the weirdest dreams last night, and in all of them I was so angry. I was angry at my friends (ummm except for Peter Arevalo who was in my dream and I was surprisingly happy to see), I was angry at the deer playing in the front yard and I watched as a a hunter killed them (creeeepy), I was angry at God who let the deer be killed and I marvelled at his "justice". Bad bad dreams...

What do you think that means... besides the obvious that I could be angry at all those people. Where's Allison the dream interpreter when I need her?

I am so random today...

I'm at work right now working with a lady that went to high school with my mom and dad. And it just struck me how weird that is. Like, she is looking at a mixture of two people she went to high school with. It would be like working with like Tim and Jana's kid later in life. I would be a little weirded out. Not too bad, but a little bit.

Yep, I should go...

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Happy 4th y'all!!! [04 Jul 2005|11:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

Your Summer Anthem is Best Of You by the Foo Fighters

I've got another confession my friend
I'm no fool
I'm getting tired of starting again
Somewhere new

While you may seem bright on the outside, your insides have a distinct angst flavor.

I don't like the foo fighters... like at all

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my name ring bells from atlanta to si-ci-ly [30 Jun 2005|09:58am]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey y'all!!!

Do not worry, this update is not as disconcerting as the previous one I promise. Things are looking up I do believe. I still have some stuff to trudge through but I think I have better control over some things now. Yep, I'm back on track.

Things are good. I like my job still even though I hate the government and all the money that they take from me. I might as well just work for them one day a week and forfeit my hours voluntarily. Bitter... But yeah, i really like these girls and my customers. People are starting to know my name when they come in and that just makes me feel so special. I know it's dumb but it's nice when people call you by your name and I do my best to get to know them as well. I just love people...

Anyway, things with Scottie are good too. I know I have been all down on this realtionship biz with him but there may be a turn around. Who the hell knows.. Im so fickle. So I am not going to say anything until I get back to school and see how I feel then... did I mention that I hate myself? Cause I do

Anyway, I am superdeeduper jazzed about this weekend cause I AM GOING HOME!!! I have been family-and-friends-sick for a couple of weeks and now I finally get to go home and see everybody. I get to see my fam and zoezoe and my kickass friends! The farm is gonna rock my pants off!!! OH OH OH aaand my friend Karl is coming into town too!!!! I haven't seen him in like two years and he is one of my favorite people in this world. Love him! I promised him that when he came into town that we would go to Cotton Eyed Joe's sooo anybody who can and wants to go to Joes on Sunday let's do it. It'll be a blast!!!


Anyway, so yeah. Me and Scottie are leaving Saturday morning to head to good ole TN to hang with the family. There will be 14 of us in the house... that's 8 guests.... mhmm. Then Saturday night is the farm partay! Then Sunday and Monday will be family days except for Sunday Joes night but that's late. Then we are headin back on Tuesday.

I'm so excited... really it's ridiculous

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[20 Jun 2005|01:32pm]
life blows

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i wanna be like that mountain [15 Jun 2005|11:04am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Oooh guurl... let-me-tell-you

Now, usually that phrase would be followed by some piece of really juicy gossip or some fabulous story... but in my case, this is not true. Nothing has really been goin on here. I go to work everyday at 8 and leave at 4, then I go home and hang out with the g-rents, hang out with Scottie either at his house or my house or my aunts house and chill for the evening. But I really like my schedule. It relaxes me. I know what to expect. I really like work too. I love the girls I work with, they totally crack me up. The only down side is getting up in the morning but once I'm here I'm fine. I've gotten a hold on the whole teller thing now. I'm pretty darn good at it too. I balance everyday! Small victory, but it makes me feel good.

Well, that's all I really have to say. I know it's really boring.

And to all of those who have been calling me or sending me lovely messages... I apologize for sucking and not sending the love right back. I miss all y'all. I hope to see everyone again as soon as is humanly and katiely possible.

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my nail is still so shiny [03 Jun 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Ok ladies and gents... here is a rundown of the summer thus far

I went to Texas... if you are interested in the story and pictures you may view them here...

It was a blast let me tell you. Although I am fairly certain that I never want to be drunk again. I have only been drunk a handful of times in my life... like literally maybe 5. But I can tell you that this time was the worst and I didn't even really drink that much. I am just too much of a lightweight. What can ya do? Anyway, I had a really good time and it was so nice to see all of my girls and guys again. I am so blessed to have these people in my life, I swear. They are all just amazing people... good people.

I miss them.

I had to leave them again.

Which brings me to where I am now. I am in MS staying ay my grandparents house for the summer. I have a pretty nice setup here. My Nanny takes real good care of me... that is when I'm not at work! I work at the bank M-F and sometimes Sat. from 8-4 and on Fridays from 8-5:30. But those closing times are the times you get to leave if your drawer is balanced at the end of the day. And since mine has not balanced on the first try yet I get to sit there and count the thousands of dollars by hand until I get the correct amount. Yeah sometimes it takes me like an hour just to figure out where the damn difference is. I hate myself, but I am getting better. Bank work is a lot more stressful than I thought it was going to be. There is so much stuff you have to remember about different transactions and other such b.s. that you guys do not care about. But yea, it's hard but I will get into the swing of it soon I am certain.

So yeah, things are good. Scottie is out of town right now so I am sitting at home relaxing and I will probably go to sleep soon. I am such an old lady since I started working. By the time I get out of work the day is pretty much spent and all I wanna do is go home and put my feet up. I need to get out of that habit. I can't stand those people who feel like since they have been at work all day then they don't have to do anythinbg when they get home. Yep, gotta break that habit.

But I have talked enough about stuff that you guys probably won't even read about anyway. So, I am goin to bedaroo now. Love y'all!!!

<3 katie

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yes I am still in school.... [14 May 2005|10:11am]
[ mood | determined ]

So, today is Saturday. The Saturday before all hell breaks loose... that's right, finals have snuck up on me like the devil that they are. Most of my stuff is on M onday which means that this weekend is going to be more than terrible. But that's ok, cause all I have to do is get to Wednesday and then I will be done forever. I will move home Wednesday night, pack for the summer, leave for MS on Thursday with my broman in tow, get to MS, pack a bag for a week in Texas, hop on a aeroplane to Texas on Friday, hang out for a week with the most lovely ladies and gents in the wide world, hop back on a plane on the next Monday back to MS, then I start work on Tuesday...


But I just have to get to Wednesday...

Last night was a too much fun. Me and the crew all headed out to Sevierville (I think that's where we were) to go see the Smokies game. It was really fun... I absolutely love summer baseball games. Me and Emily split some nachos and we mooched off Zak's peanuts. We took stupid pictures and harrassed the players as well as each other. Good times... one of the best parts though was that we got free ice cream at the end and a fireworks show!!! I was so glad I decided to go, I was supposed to be in my room studying, but that did not happen...

We got back to the dorm at like 11:45 and then me and Emily left again to go to the DKE barbeque. We got there at midnight to find millions of people dancing to the dj and surrounding a giant pool table that they had lit on fire. Despite the burning furniture everything was cool. I saw a bunch of people I knew and it was nice to just sit back and chill for once. The only time I wasn't able to do so was when this guy named Andrew tried to molest me... I simply explained that I aws not that kind of girl and hid behind Tom. But all in all, it was a good time.

But it appears that the good times have now come to a close because I must get started on my work. I'll check y'all later!!!

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wasting time [05 May 2005|12:55pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Your Love Style is Storge

For you, love and friendship are almost the same thing

And your love tends to be the enduring, long lasting kind

(You've been known to still have connections with exes)

But sometimes your love is not the most passionate

Leap before you look, and you'll find that fire you crave

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P-I-M-P juice [27 Apr 2005|02:07pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I don't remember the last time I updated but nothing has really happened since then so it doesn't really matter.

We had our Spring Fling at Two Rivers Pavilion and it was sooooo nice. It was this open pavilion on the river with this sprwaling green lawn. Everybody was walking around and mingling in their nice dresses. It was so gardern partyesque or like a cool prom you would see on TV. It turned out to be really great with the atmosphere and the food and the people and the awesome music. Everybody looked so pretty too. It was all so perfect until about 2 1/2 hours into it when the hurricane hit!!! I mean seriously there was a little lightning but it looked like heat lightning but we brought the party in under the pavilion just in case. So we're all dancing and having a good time when... WWWOOOOOOSSHHHHH!!!! The winds picked up and blew torrents of rain into the pavillion blowing chairs around and knocking vases and candles off the tables where they smashed on the floor. Oh so then we had the problem of flying glass... that was good!!! It was insanity!!! But luckily, everybody still said that they had a good time and that despite the weather it was a great party. YAY!!

I only took a few pictures of the night but I will post a couple of em. They're not too good cause my camera was screwed up most of the time. Here they are anywayCollapse )

Yeah so last night we had room selection again since we didn't get back into Lloyd... SUCKASSCOCKMOTHEREFFINDILDOFACE!!! But i am not bitter at all... The good thing is we got the room we wanted in Carnegie. It's a 4th floor kitchen suite with a double room and two singles. They say it's the best room in the house, so here's hopin. And all my girls are stickin together for next year so that's great. We are just gonna have to do a little bit more walkin to see each other... considering that right now we live down the hall from each other and I hardly ever visit. Maybe this will be an incentive to make me come see everybody.I hope so...

But the good thing is that school is almost over... not as soon as everybody else but we will be done on the 19th and I start work in MS on the 23. So I raise my new pimp juice glass to the end of the year and to the hopes for a grand summer!!!

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Don't Mess With Texas [15 Apr 2005|09:56pm]
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So last night I went to The Rocket Summer show with my pal Allison, and ladies and gentlemen... it was fantastic! I so miss going to shows and singin at the top of my lungs to the songs that these amazingly talented kids create. Bryce was great... he was a little sick so he didn't have quite the same energy but he still pulled through for us. His new songs have reached a new level of cheese but they are so catchy and just sigh great. He did a great job!

After his set I went up to him to get him to sign my sticker and chatted with him about Texas and stuff. I told him that my friend Danny was at the Philly show and he was like "Oh yeaaahhh, that kid was totally out of control! He was dancing like whoa!" I was so proud in so many ways.We talked for a couple minutes then I went to go watch Brandston play, but I grew tired of them so me and Allison decided to leave. On our way out we ran into Bryce on the sidewalk and I stopped and told him how great it was to see him again and good luck on the rest of his tour. He thanked me and hugged me and I turned to leave. But as I was leaving he said something about Dallas to me and I turned back around to talk to him about it. He talked to us for like 15 minutes just about touring and being married and his new cd and all kinds of stuff. It was so cool of him to just sit there and talk to us like a normal person. I just think that is so neat that he will still take time out to talk to fans and stuff. He's just a cool guy. He was like "Man, I have been talking about me for like ever... hey you guys wanna talk about meee some more? Gah, I'm gonna go home and be like 'what was i talking about?'" It was really funny. I totally enjoyed hangin out and talkin with him. Such a cool kid...

Anyway, so that was my TRS experience... I'm so glad I went. I can't wait till the new CD comes out!

Well, I am bored so here's the result of this...

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